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About maintenance

We used to recommend maintaining on your own, but we had a lot of demands from customers that it is difficult to know the term of maintenance and to continue working. We provide on-site maintenance and consumables for maintenance with regularity/
Regarding the requirement of the maintenance, the performance of photocatalytic purifier is greatly affected by the condition of the photocatalytic filter or the ultraviolet lamp.
Maintenance term will be changed by object substances of removal or environment of usage, but we recommend that the Photocatalytic filter will be washed every six months or a year, and the Ultraviolet lamp will be changed once a year.

The rating life of Ultraviolet lamp is 5000 hours (high output type is 3000 hours). That’s no say about the time of running down of the lamp, but the time that lumen maintenance factor will become 60-70% compared with a new one. The lamp will continue to light up after that, but the performance of the equipment will be down by half because of lack of light intensity.

If you have any questions and requests, please feel free to contact us by e-mail e-mailor


Troubleshooting Q&A

It is not switched on.
Is the power code connecting correctly?
SPP-30,SPP-50, SSC-50EHO(U), SSC-01V and SPP-20 model were manufactured before 2005 have a plug in the main body as well.
Isn’t it blowing fuse?
Doesn’t the circuit breaker trip? If the circuit breaker shut off in a short time after restarting up, please contact a dealer or a manufacturer.
If the upper lid of SPP-20iT was removed, all operation would be stopped by working the auto stop function.
Operation stop at work suddenly.
If the upper lid of SPP-20iT was removed, all operation would be stopped by working the auto stop function.
Message lump lights up.
Change-out rate of the consumables is soon expiring. Please contact with a dealer or a manufacturer.
There is the prospect of the failure. Please contact with a dealer or a manufacturer.
UV lump lights up, but a fan doesn’t work.
There is the prospect of the failure. Please contact with a dealer or a manufacturer.
It hears an abnormal noise from the main body.
There is the prospect of the failure. Please stop use of it, and contact with a dealer or a manufacturer.
What deodorizing and odor eliminating methods are available?
Bad smell will be released to the outside by using the air fan. If it will be ventilated too much, the air conditioner has not become working, and energy consumption will go up.
Also there is a possibility to become an environment problem in the dense zone.
Fragrance which is stronger than bad odor is used. It is easy and convenient, but it is not effective. It will be had likes and dislikes depends on the fragrance.
It is chemically-neutralize by using acidity or alkali.
Activated coal is typical adsorption which is used in the refrigerator.
But there are some bad smells which don’t have not effect.
Deodorizing ability is reduced if it will be saturated with keeping the adsorption.
Oxidative decomposition 
Decompose a bad odor by strong oxidation action. Ozone and Photocatalytic are used this system. Malodorous component will be broken down to odorless component by oxidation action. The fundamental method of deodorizing.
bacteria killing(corruption prevention) 
It kills the bacteria which will be caused bad odor, and it is possible to reduce the odor by preventing corrosion.
How long does it keep up the ability of deodorizing?
Photocatalytic filter is stain-resistant due to recompose the molecules of odor and harmful gas. In general, if the dusts lead to accumulation on the surface, it is hardly get the sun to Photocatalyst, and then it become less effective. But our Photocatalytic filter is washable, so it will be returned the performance by washing water. It is also possible to use more than 4 years by maintenance. And UV lamp which is source of break for Photocatalyst must be changed after approximately 5000 hours normally, but if the brightness of the lamp could be kept, the deodorization effect will become sustained. 。
Does the component of deodorized smell remain in the equipment?
The odor of Photocatalytic filter will be getting break down little by little, but the odor of filter and main body will remain.
Therefore, we recommend cleaning the equipment at regular intervals. Especially it will be needed when the equipment will be moved to another installation site. Because the odor also deliver to another site at the same time.
What kind of Airborne objects can be caught by HEPA filter which is installed on SPP-50?
HEPA filter, which was developed by NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration U.S) to be used in place must be kept clean space such as a hospital, has been used in the clean space like clean room today.
This performance is more than capable of removing 99.97% of particles 0.3μm. By using a HEPA filter, it can be collected the visible tobacco particles, pollen, dust, dirt, carcass of mites or bacteria which causes damage to human body. The periodic replacement is required, because it causes the clogging to perform physically collected.
Is it difficult to install the equipment?
Except for SSC-100(for waste disposal), it doesn’t need the installation work basically. Normal 100V power supply (10A, 15A for SSC-100) connected to an AC outlet, operation will be started simply by pressing the switch. The move is easy with casters. SSC-10 is also available wall. SPP-50 and SSC-100 will be required tip-resistant because of the tallness. Regarding SPP-50, it has an adjuster at the bottom, if there is a wall on the back, it is difficult to make tip over against the wall temporarily. If you require the perfect anti-tip, we recommend that rear mounting plate of the back should be anchored to the wall. If you require another way to prevent the falling, please consult with the manufacturer.
How often does it need to maintain?
It needs regular maintenance to keep the effect with comfort. Guideline is as follows.
Smoking room Approx, once a few months.
(According to the number of smokers, frequency, and air condition and so on.)
Hospital/Senior care home Approx, once 3~6 months.
(According to Number distribution, odor intensity or Air condition and so on)
Location like a laboratory dealing with animals Approx, once a week~2 months
((According to Number of animals, odor intensity[Ammonia especially] or dust.)
Please feel free to consult the manufacturer concerning other jobs as well.
Is it difficult to maintain the equipment?
We will confirm the existence or non-existence of a maintenance contract at the time of introduction of this equipment. We recommend for customers to contact a maintenance agreement as much as possible (we will explain the method of maintenance when introduced), although it is available to maintain by themselves.

Contents of maintenance
1.Cleaning and Replace of Air filters(Pre-filter, HEPA-filter and After-filter)
(The air filter will be possible to dispose as the general waste.)
2.Cleaning of Photocatalytic filter
(It needs to dry in the sun after cleaning. We recommend to have a spare filter.)
3.Cleaning of equipment (inside of equipment, suction opening, air outlet and wiping UV-lump with a damp cloth)
4.UV-lump (fluorescent light), replacement of the glow lump (in half a year~2years’time)
5.Equipment operation check
How do I sigh with the maintenance agreement?
Cycle of maintenance(Check out・maintenance), and cost according to conditions
Please feel free consult our environmental equipment department about contract.
What type of business should not use?

Photocatalytic method is very powerful oxidation method, and oxidation potential is more than 1.5 times the ozone oxidation method. But the reaction rate is very slow, and the oxidative decomposition reaction happen only Photocatalyst surface. Therefore, unless you let the material contact efficiently with the filter, the decomposition will not be promoted. And high load, such as high concentrations of organic solvents is very slow decomposition rate, you will need a large amount of catalyst. Then superiority of the Photovatalytic method is eliminated in both the initial cost and running cost.
Also, the substances with complex chemical structures to become oxidized material were unable to break down carbon dioxide and water, so it has the potential to become byproducts and compound in a half-finished state. In order to investigate whether the compounds have an effect on the human body, we send MSDS (database of chemical products) which is sold for e.g. organic solvents from material manufacturers to the manufacturer, and need to consider again.
Industry that we cannot recommend using currently. 
・Laboratory that is used formalin and phenol at the same time
・Usage environment of high concentration and polymeric organic solvent
(e.g. Manufacturing process of semiconductor・Printing plant ・Paint booth)
・Usage environment of Chlorinated solvents (Cleaning tank of semiconductor ・ Plating factory)

Oxidant Oxidation Potential(ev)
Oxidized titanium 3.20
Fluorine 2.87
Ozone 2.07
Hydrogen peroxide 1.78
Oxygen 1.23
Is there a problem if I saw UV lump in the equipment?
Ultraviolet lamp which is used in the equipment has been classified as long-wavelength ultraviolet light as UV-A. Ultraviolet of this wave doesn’t have strong effect such as stylization lamp (UV-C), and also it doesn’t produce any ozone toxic to the body. There is no problem if you don’t continue to look it for a long time. However, please do not use in vicinity of the photosensitive materials to ultraviolet radiation and a person who is extremely sensitive to Ultraviolet light.
If you have any questions other than the above, please contact us on +81-(0)45-471-4700 or send a contact form.