The personal information protection

1.Your Personal information of SEIWA KOGYO CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “we”) which was provided us through an inquiry form on website or emails will be handled by this privacy policy.

2.We try not to detract lights and profits of the customers when we get, keep, use and open the customers’ personal data.

3.The customers are able to anytime visit our homepages without disclosing their information generally, but it’s impossible to collect the personal information of customers only by referring the homepages.
Regarding the personal data that we have acquired, we try to prevent it from any losses, leakages, prejudices and abusive accesses of personal data by taking measure to applicable safety precaution.

4.We use the personal data of only extent necessary for the achievement of purpose.
(1)Performance of Contract between the customers and us.
(2)Sending information such as events for the customers.
(3)Replying to inquiry by form mail from the customers to us.

5. We never give out the customer information to a third party without obtaining consent of customer in advance.
But if it is applicable to the following events, we could provide the private information of customers to a third party.
(1)In the case of under the provision of the law.
(2)It needs for the protection of the personal life, body and worth, but it is difficult to obtain permission from the customers.
(3)In the case of having need to cooperate to carrying out the clerical duties public, local government, and the person who is received a commission organization or cooperate, and also it affects our operations by getting the customers’agreement.

6.Regarding the individual contents, when it will be shown the personal information protection, or linking with the showing contents, the policy of the personal information protection will be given priority.
We observe the law related the personal information protection for customers and other guidelines, and we also try to review continuously and improve the contents of the personal information protection.