Corporate development

The times have greatly changed. While the Japanese market is shrinking, there exists a bigger market in the globalized world.
Seiwa KOGYO is a manufacturer of hydraulic products and a supplier of industrial machines. The company aims to build business overseas in the field of new control techniques according to the clients’ requirements.
We look for more challenges as the company gives importance to high valued research and development in field of environment equipment such as photo catalysis technology.
Our priority is to develop technology according to our customers’ needs.
Our mission is to develop products recognizable all over the world.

Feb.1969 Established as a distributor firm of hydraulic equipment and hydraulic system with a capital of 1.5 million yen.
1970 Designated as manufacture of hydraulic system for DAIKIN Industries., Ltd.
Apr.1976 Increased capital stock to 10 million yen.
Apr.1986 Started supplying device of grand installations and parts for Space Science Laboratory of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Apr.1987 Started production of wheeled platform of hydraulic system for NKK Corporation (present-day JFE)’s shield tunneling machine.
Mar.1991 T• Developed hydrogen and oxygen gas generator for using the industrial reheating operation which makes fuel gas by electrolysis of water with Yokohama economic affairs bureau and Yokohama National University with receiving grant of an advanced developing technology from government.
Apr.1991 Relocated head office to Kawamukoh-cyo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-city as of now.
Aug.1991 Increased capital stock to 30 million yen.
Mar.1992 Became designated facture of electric power equipment for Hitachi, Ltd.
Nov.1992 Became distributor of hydraulic equipment for Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Apr.1993 Chosen as one of the best 50 factories for small and medium scaled businesses in Yokohama city.
Dec.1993 Became designated factory for The Defense Agency.
Apr.1994 Launched environment improvement work such as wide variety of water processor and deodorization equipments through use of photo catalyst with receiving grant of Advanced Developing Technology from government.
Apr.1998 Launched investigation regarding resolution of dioxin through use of Photo Catalyst from community-based joint research project with Kanagawa Science and Technology Academy and Tokyo university.
Ju.1999 Developed photo catalyst clean system with the trust money from Japan Science and Technology Corporation.
May,2000 Accredited by the Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Kanagawa prefecture.
Jul.2000 Carried out research and development regarding the high quality and integration photo catalytic cracker unit with the trust money from Japan Science and Technology Corporation.
Oct.2001 Received the 18th industrial technical development award in Kanagawa prefecture and the areal environmental technology award.
Aug.2003 Accredited to develop the photo catalyst device that has internal photo catalyst madreporic filter by Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Apr.2004 Established second factory at Kawamukoh-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-city.
Jun.2004 Received The 31st environmental award and A leading company award of The HITACHI environmental foundation and Daily Industrial newspaper for the development of photo catalyst.
Jan.2006 Certified a quality diagnosis as a vendor of Keihin office of TOSHIBA through Chiyoda Corporation.
Jul.2007 Developed a new field of photo catalysts for 5 years after gaining recognition by NEDO.
Sep.2007 Certified as Yokohama Kachigumi enterprise.
Feb.2008 Certified as an environmental department of SBIR.
Sep.2010 Certified as Yokohama Chizai Mirai Enterprise.